Manage my account

Managing my account allows you to edit:

  • Account Information, including name, company, phone number.


  • Payment Method Information, i.e., credit card details.


  • Billing Information, including name, billing address, email.


In Payment History, you can browse through your subscription payments and download them to your phone as receipts.


Under Subscription, you can see the status of your current Whim subscription.



To edit Account Information:

  1. Tap the Edit_Icon.png button in Account Information
  2. You can now edit your name, company and phone number*.
    (*NOTE: Should you need to change your email address, please contact us here.)


To edit Billing Information:

  1. Tap the Edit_Icon.png button in Billing Information.
  2. You can now edit your name, billing address, phone number and billing e-mail address.


To edit Payment Method Information:

  1. Tap the Edit_Icon.png button in Payment Method Information.
  2. You can now update your Credit, Debit, or Credit/Debit combination card information.


To download your payment receipts from the Payment History:

  1. Browse through the receipts and tap on Download as PDF on the receipt you want to download. This will open a new screen with the selected invoice.
  2. Proceed to download the PDF to your phone or send it to your e-mail.


The Subscription:

  • Tells you what subscription you have, which add-on’s you have added to your subscription.
  • This also shows if you have any discounts included in your subscription.


The Timeline of your subscription:

  • The Timeline shows your current billing period, billing date, activation date and Sign-up date.
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