Profile Walkthrough

The Profile

In the Profile view, you can link your Facebook profile picture to Whim, you can see your point balance and current plan, and sign out of the app. You can also enter the following views from here:



My plan:

In this view, you can change your current plan, see the renewal date of your current plan, and manage your account (this opens a web page).


Change your plan allows you to switch to a different plan from the three plans available: Pay Per Ride, Whim Basic, and Whim Go. You may also access the contact form if you select Whim Business.


Manage my account:

From here you may edit your Account (profile) Information, edit/change your Payment Method Information, edit your Billing Information, or cancel the subscription. For more detail on Manage my account, please read more here.


Past trips:

From this view, you will see all your past trips, except your canceled trips.


Redeem promo code:

Whenever there is a promo code given to you by us, you may enter the code by tapping on the Redeem promo code button.


Favourite places:

This view allows you to add and edit your Favourite places and assign user-defined names to them. Read more on adding and editing Favourites here.


Customer Support:

From this view, you may browse through our service and support articles and contact Customer Care. For more on submitting a request read more here.


About Whim:

This view describes the application.


Sign out:

Tapping on Sign out will result in the app confirming that you wish to sign out of the app. Doing so will open the sign-up/sign-in view.


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