Planning a journey and routing

One may plan a journey either by using the "Enter destination" button in the Home view, by using a Calendar entry, by using Favorite places, or by tapping on the Taxi button from the Whim button.  

Planning a journey using the Enter_your_destination.png button.

When planning a Journey with the "Enter destination" button, tap on it to open the "Plan Journey" view. Here it is unnecessary to enter the "From" location since it is pre-filled with the current location. Just enter the destination, and from the list of options presented either tap on the suggested plan to view it in more detail, or tap "Confirm" (Fig.1).

[Figure 1]


If desired, the LEAVE, FROM, and TO fields may be modified.

LEAVE: Tap on EDIT to select the desired Leave By and/or Arrive At time/s.

FROM: Tap on EDIT to change the current location/address.

TO: Tap on EDIT to change the destination address.

Once the LEAVE, FROM and TO fields are correctly filled, journey options will appear. Currently, Public Transport, Fastest, and Greenest options will appear (Fig.2). Tap on the area above the Confirm button to view the full itinerary and the journey on the map (Fig.3).

 [Figure 2*]


*NOTE: Tapping the "<" button will take you back to Home view and your journey planning will be erased!

[Figure 3]


Tap on each leg of the journey to zoom in on that part of the journey on the map.
Hit the back button to take to the full list of journey options.
Or, tap the Confirm button to book the journey.


Planning a journey using a Calendar entry

Tap on a calendar entry to open up the Plan Journey view and follow the above steps.

If the calendar entry has the appropriate information, then the ARRIVE and TO fields will be automatically filled. If not, then they will need to be completed manually. Once that is done, follow the instructions as above for "Planning a journey using the 'Enter destination' button".


Planning a journey using Favourites favourites.png

Click on one of the Favourites from the Home view (Fig.4) to open up the Plan Journey view and follow the above steps**.
**NOTE: Be advised that the default 'direction' is 'to', so, any Favorite place you select will be taken as the destination address.

[Figure 4]



Planning a journey using the Whim Button (Taxi only)

Tap on the Whim Button in the middle of the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen to open the Whim button (Fig.5). Then tap the Taxi button (Fig.6), which will open the Taxi route planner (Fig.7).

[Figure 5]


[Figure 6]


[Figure 7]


In a similar manner as in the "Plan journey" view, a taxi may be taken from the current location, or the current location may be changed by entering the pickup address manually or selecting it from the map.

Next, enter the address of the destination, select from your Favorite places, or choose your destination from the map - there will be a prompt to "Set drop off location".

Once completed, the taxi may be requested read more here.

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