Booking a Taxi

A taxi may be booked using the Enter_your_destination.png search bar, or by clicking theHomeview__2_.png button and choosing Taxi.

The address that you see at the top should be your current location (Fig. 1), if this is not the case please enter it or choose the starting location from the map provided (Fig. 2).

Figure 1


Figure 2


After doing so, click on Set_pickup.png and either enter an address or select a location on the map (Fig. 3).

Figure 3


Next tap onset_drop_off.png and then request_taxi.png at the bottom of the screen (Fig. 4). If you do not have a Whim subscription, or if you have one but do not have sufficient points, you will at this point be prompted to top-up points, as needed, in order to get to your destination.

Figure 4


You will then see a requesting_taxi.png notification at the bottom of the screen (Fig. 5).

Figure 5


IMPORTANT: Only while the "Requesting taxi, please wait..." notification is visible may you cancel_taxi.png the taxi request. Once the notification disappears, points will be subtracted from your point balance, and you may no longer cancel the taxi booking. You may still be able to contact the taxi provider or the driver to cancel the ride (in Helsinki you may use the number provided), but your points will still be deducted.

If a taxi booking is canceled on time, the booking_was_cancelled.png notification will be shown (Fig. 6).

Figure 6


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