Whim points

What are Whim points?
Whim points are travel currency with which you may pay for different transport services within Whim.

In Finland, 1 point equals 1 Euro.

In the UK, 1 point equals 1 British Pound.

So, it is easy to stay up-to-date with your travels!

Points can never run out because it is always possible to top-up and buy more points.

What happens to my points after each billing month?
At the start of every new billing month, your points are automatically returned to the level of your monthly package – i.e. your monthly points cap.

Why is Whim based on points?
Whim is based on points because we all have different mobility needs. These may vary, for example, due to the weather, your weekend plans, or unexpected events. Points allow you to be flexible and choose exactly the forms of transport you need. A taxi might be the most comfortable option on a rainy autumn, while a rental car is convenient for a summer holiday getaway or trip to the cottage.

What are "top-up points"? How do they work?
Top-up points are points which are required when you have no point balance.

This is the defacto case with Pay-per-Ride and this is the case when one uses up all available points during a given subscription period, i.e., billing period, as a monthly Whim subscriber.

Pay per Ride: Trips are paid with top-up points because there are no subscription points available under this plan. Top-up points will be returned if you, for example, decide to cancel a taxi trip, cancel a future bus itinerary (which would start earliest in 30 minutes), or cancel a rental car that you might have reserved. Any points returned must be consumed prior to the close of the Pay per Ride billing cycle (currently 6 months changing to 1 month) or prior to changing to a Whim Basic or Whim Go subscription.

Whim Urban or Whim Go subscriptions: Should you consume all your available subscription points during a given billing cycle (i.e., monthly), it may be necessary to use top-up points in order to complete an itinerary. Or, you may want to book a rental car for a longer period which exceeds your normal monthly point balance, thus requiring top-up points. Similar to Pay per ride, any top-up points returned to you due to a valid cancellation action must be consumed prior to the close of one’s current billing cycle (for Whim Basic and Whim Go subscribers this is a monthly cycle).

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