Key features overview

What is the Home view?

From the Home view you can plan a journey, add favorites, book a trip with favorites or the calendar entry (if you have allowed this), see upcoming trips that have been booked in advance, and rental car bookings.


What is the Ticket view?

In the Ticket view you can see your active public transport tickets and taxi bookings.


What is the Whim button?

The Whim button allows you to quickly choose from a variety of transportation services.
Tap the Whim button, then simply select taxi, rental car or public transit ticket (more transportation services coming!) and start your journey.


What is the "Garage" view?

From the Garage view you can get a Whim-car, normal rental car or a Whim car subscription and see your car booking(s).

What is the Profile page?

In the Profile page you can see and manage your current plan, manage your favorites, access customer support, redeem promotional codes and read more about Whim.


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