Here we explain the key features of the Whim experience, from downloading and installation to the Whim button to the Personal Profile.

To get the application you need to go to the App Store on your iPhone or Google Play on your Android and search for "Whim - your travel companion" (Figures 1 and 2).

[Figures 1 and 2]

image6.PNG  image1__3_.PNG

After installing and opening the app, you need to input your phone number (Fig.3) and wait for the Verification code (Fig.4).

[Figures 3 and 4]

image5.PNG   image3.PNG

After receiving and inputting the code in the place provided, you will have access to the application.


Next, you must give whim access to your Location* and enable Notifications (Fig. 5), otherwise, your whim experience will be limited. 
(*Note: Under Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Whim, one may select "While Using the App" or "Always".)

[Figures 5 ]


Next choose the country where you are using Whim in (Fig.6) Then you will access the next page, where you can browse through the Plans and choose a plan if you wish by tapping "Switch", go back to the country selection by tapping "Change" or if you want to continue to the app just tap "Start using Whim" (Fig.7).  Furthermore, we encourage you to complete your User profile (Fig. 8) and provide valid Payment method (i.e., credit card) details (Fig. 9) in order to get the most out of Whim. 

[Figures 6 & 7]

SCROLLING_THE_LIST.png Ready_to_Whim.png

[Figures 8 & 9]

User_Profile.PNG Payment_method_2.PNG


Upon completing the above, a short tutorial will be presented (Figures 10 and 11).

[Figures 10 and 11]

animation1.PNG  animation2.PNG

Then, you will land on the Whim Home view (Fig. 12) where you can plan journeys, view ongoing trips on the (when no trips are active this says your current city), add favorite addresses, book a journey from a calendar entry (if you have allowed calendar sharing with Whim) and see booked cars.

[Figure 12]


Just to the right of the Home view button is the Tickets view button where you can see active public transit tickets and purchased taxi rides (Fig. 13).

[Figure 13]


At the center of the navigation bar is the “Whim button”. By tapping this you can immediately purchase a bus ticket when you need it, jump to the Taxi view, or jump to the car booking view (Figures 14 and 15):

[Figures 14 and 15]

Whim_Button_booking.png  image1__1_.PNG

To the immediate right of the “Whim button” is the Garage view button, where you can manage your car bookings (Fig. 16).

[Figure 16]

Finally, we have the Profile view (Fig.17) where you can manage your subscription, see your past trips, redeem possible promo codes, edit your favourites, contact customer support and sign out.

[Figure 17]


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