Booking a Car

The Garage View:

Here you may book a Whim car, rental car and in future Whim Car Subscription.
You may also cancel the booking from here and activate a reminder for picking up the car.

 Booking a Whim Car


The Whim Car may be booked through the garage view's Whim-car button. 
After tapping this you will be introduced to the Whim Car (only the first time Whim Car booking is opened) and you may choose which type of car you would like to book (Fig.1). 

[Figure 1]

Next, you will see all the available locations where you can choose to pick-up your booked car (Fig.2).
Here you may adjust the days for which you want to have the Whim car and the pick-up time and return time.

[Figure 2]


After choosing one the app will request you to confirm the booking (Fig.3). 

[Figure 3]


Once you have confirmed your booking, you may add a reminder to pick-up the car (Fig.4).

[Figure 4]


Now you will see the booked car in the Garage view (Fig.5) and the calendar in the Home view (Fig.6).

[Figure 5]


[Figure 6]


You may cancel the booked car (Fig.7) by tapping on the booking either in the Garage view or from the calendar in Home view.

[Figure 7]


The application will request you to confirm your cancellation request (Fig.8).

[Figure 8]



Once the cancellation is successful the following message will appear (Fig.9).

[Figure 9]


Booking short term car access (Rental Car)


Tap the rental car button in the Garage view to access rental cars. Once you have tapped on this button you will be taken to the booking page where you may determine the car type, pick-up date and time, return date, and time and the pick-up location (Fig.10).

[Figure 10]


By tapping on the car you want to book it takes you to the following screen where you can book the car (Fig.11). The booking and cancellation flow will be exactly the same as Whim Car.

[Figure 11]



Whim Car Subscription

The long-term car access called Whim Car Subscription will be released on a country-by-country basis. You may read more about Whim Car Subscription here.

The Whim Car Subscription may be booked through the garage view's Whim Car Subscription button (restrictions may apply). 
After tapping this you will be introduced to the Whim Car Subscription and you may choose which type of car to which you would like to subscribe (Fig.12).

Figure 12


Tap on the number of days desired for the (recurring) subscription period (5, 7 or 14 days) - Fig.13.

Figure 13

Then, select the car type (Premium, Lifestyle, Everyday, Compact, Small) - Fig.14.

Figure 14

Tap on the desired car and then confirm your subscription purchase by tapping on "SUBSCRIBE" (recurring, and on top of your Whim app monthly subscription) - Fig.14.

Figure 14

Your subscription will appear at the top of the Garage view - Fig.15

Figure 15

You may cancel the subscription by tapping the edit icon on the Whim Car Subscription badge (see Fig.15 above).

Scroll down till you see the "Cancel Whim Car Subscription" button (Fig.16). Tap on that, then confirm the cancellation (Fig.17). Cancellation occurs at the start of the next billing cycle (Fig.18).

Figure 16

Figure 17

Figure 18







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