UPDATE from HSL Mobile Ticketing / 12.Sept.2017


SMS Ticket System Info: INCLUDED: Service Breakdown (s) regarding: Ticket system already affects GUI users: Break (and) is expected between 12-09-17 12:30 - 12-09-17 13:00. At this time, the total duration of the cut (s) is estimated at 0 h 15 min.

Before a service break (or during), GUI users should log in and use the backup system because the main system may not be available. When the deadline for a service break is over, users should log back on to the main system (the backup system may be upgraded).

Updating does not cause breaks affecting customers.

Upgrading to the flag range is a 1 to 7-day daily ticket for different zones: 
* They appear in GUI searches like other flags 
* The search results show you how many days a ticket is about
* You can buy a daily ticket of  less than 60 euros for both mobile and card payments, over EUR 60 tickets only on a card 
* happens like any other ticket; tickets can not be refunded in part (eg 2 days for a 6 day ticket), but only in full or at no cost.

Additionally, all mobile tickets - including daily tickets - will be pre-purchased for SMS tickets. Ts. When ordering, you can determine when the ticket will take effect (within the next 24 hours). Tickets that are not yet valid will appear in the yellow GUI search results.

For more information about new tickets, see 2.7 and 2.7. (see GUI Help Pages).

Sincerely, Ticket System Maintenance


Mobile Ticketing System Maintenance info: There will be service break (s) in ticket system affecting GUI users: Break (s) expected to take place between 12-09-17 12:30 and 12-09-17 13:00. During this time, the total duration of break (s) is estimated to be 0 hours 15 minutes.

Before (or during) the break, GUI users should log in and use the secondary system as the primary system will not be always accessible. After the break is over, GUI users should return to using the primary system.

The update does not cause such breaks that would be visible to end customers.

With the update, new ticket types are introduced and they appear under the criteria. It becomes possible to buy 1-7 days' day tickets. Also, the application allows to define upon purchase, when - within the next 24 hours - the ticket (of any kind) becomes valid. Not yet valid tickets are displeyd with yellow color in search results until validity begins (just like 24 h pre-purchased SMS tickets have been).

Best Regards, maintenance team

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