Troubleshooting basics

Should you have an issue with Whim or the service, we kindly advise you to take the following steps in the order listed:



  • Check your settings


      1. Ensure that notifications for Whim are enabled.
      2. Ensure that location services for Whim are enabled (preferably set to “Always”).
      3. Ensure Mobile data and/or WiFi are enabled and functioning properly. Especially for mobile data, select 3G or 4G (preferably 4G).


  • Close apps that are running in the background.
  • Close Whim app. Re-open it. Sign out, then sign in again.
  • Make sure you are running the latest version of the application


      1. Go to App store/ Play store
      2. Type “Whim” and choose “Whim - Your travel companion”
      3. Check if there is a new update and install


  • Install/Reinstall Whim app:


    1. iOS
      1. Long press on the application, and click the “X” to uninstall . Open App Store, search for Whim app, and install it again.
    2. Android
      1. Long press on application and move to the garbage can.
      2. Open Google Play Store, search for Whim app, and install it again.
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