Taxi rides in the Birmingham Region

How many points do I need for a taxi ride?

The points you need for a taxi ride depend on the length of your journey.

Whim always shows you how many points you’ll need for your journey, after which you confirm the order if you’re happy with it.


The examples on the Whim website refer to taxi rides during the day. Is it possible to take a taxi in the evenings and weekends?

Yes, it is.

Whim prices are based on normal taxi fares in Birmingham, where the starting fare is usually £3.50.

However, the starting fare will vary slightly depending on time of day and time of the year. This means that starting fares affect the amount of points you’ll use.

You may take a taxi at any time, but for instance, late at night you’ll use a few more points.


Can I use Whim for any taxi in the Birmingham region?

For the time being, you may order taxis from Gett taxis within Birmingham.

We are continually expanding our coverage of the region, so, keep an eye out for this in future.


Can I pay with Whim if I grab a cab at a taxi stand?

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible just yet.

We’re working on a solution for this to make traveling with Whim even more convenient for you in the future.


How does Whim work in-taxi?

When you order a taxi through Whim, the app will show you the estimated arrival time of your taxi, and you can even follow its approach on a map.

Our taxi service provider, Gett, will also send you a text message with the driver’s name, phone number, and estimated arrival time.

Once the taxi arrives, all you need to do is jump in, say “hi” to the driver, and enjoy the ride.

The driver already knows where you’re going and your journey is paid for.

In case the driver isn’t familiar with Whim yet, it might be necessary to mention that billing information can be found in the taxi payment/booking system.


I ordered a taxi through Whim. Can other passengers travel with me?

You may share your Whim taxi journeys with other people at no extra cost.*

If you need a minivan, that is fine, too, just choose your preferred taxi type from the list of options!

* NOTE: You must be along for the ride as, Whim is a personal service and is non-transferable!


I ordered a taxi by accident. May I still cancel it? 

If you ordered a taxi by accident, up until you receive a confirmation of your ride, you may cancel it by tapping the Cancel button until you’ve received a confirmation of your ride.

If you’re not sure whether your cancellation was successful, you may contact us in-app via Customer care from the Profile view. Or, you may submit a request via the web here.


I ordered a taxi but something went wrong. Did I lose the Whim points I spent on the order?

We get notified of all failed orders and the points are refunded to you automatically.

If you need help, you may contact us in-app via Customer care from the Profile view. Or, you may submit a request via the web here

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