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Can I use Whim for public transport? 


You can use Whim to travel on any National Express West Midlands bus service anywhere in the region (and on every single bus soon!)

You can also travel on Midland Metro tram services along the entire route between Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

You may use Whim for NX West Midlands public transport either via the Whim journey planner or the Whim button.

The app will automatically suggest the correct ticket based on your location. 

For now, the following tickets are available:


  • Daysaver Bus
  • Daysaver Metro
  • Daysaver Bus & Metro


How do I use Whim for public transport?

Activate your tickets in the app either via the journey planner or the Whim button. 

If using the journey planner, pick your route and confirm. 

If using the Whim button, tap the public transport icon and confirm the ticket you want – for example, Daysaver Bus.

The ticket is valid in the National Express West Midlands busses, trams and trains. 

You will find all your valid tickets in the ticket screen. You can see more information by tapping on a ticket in the Ticket view.


What do I need to show the ticket inspector? 

The ticket - which you can access in the Ticket view. 

When activated, it will move and display the date on which the ticket is valid.

By clicking on the (I), bottom right of the screen, you can display a ticket barcode if necessary, along with the length of validity.


Here are examples of what this looks like :

Image_uploaded_from_iOS__2_.jpg   Image_uploaded_from_iOS__1_.jpg

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