Car rental

What kind of rental cars can I get with Whim? 
For now, Whim offers the rental car range of Sixt Rent a Car (5 car groups from sedans to station wagons).  The app shows you the available cars and offices and you can pick the one that suits you best. 

Extras and add-ons (such as an additional driver, child seats or return empty of fuel are currently only available through Sixt. Please note that the additional driver, too, must show a valid driving licence at the Sixt office. For more information, ask details while picking your car at the Sixt office, see the Sixt website or email

Where do I pick up my car and what do I need to bring
Rental cars are picked up at Sixt offices. When picking up your car you must show a valid driving licence and a credit card for the 250 euro excess, which the car rental company will require to cover possible damages. The money will be returned to you at the end of your rental if everything is in order. The cost of your rental includes unlimited kilometres and the compulsory third party insurance. 

Please note that Sixt Rent a Car accepts most major international credit cards, such as American Express, Diners Club, Eurocard/Mastercard and Visa, as well as AirPlus accounts. It does not accept prepaid vouchers, debit cards (Visa Electron, Maestro) or cash. For more information, please see Sixt Terms and conditions in Finland

How do I return my car? 
If you rent a car in the capital region, you can also return your car to any Sixt office in the capital region. When renting elsewhere, for example in Mikkeli, you must also return the car to the Mikkeli office. If you want to change your return location, you can do so at an additional cost paid at the Sixt office when picking up your car. 

Please remember to fill up the tank before returning the car, unless you have agreed with Sixt upon pick-up to return it empty of fuel. For more information, please see Sixt Terms and Conditions in Finland

What is the maximum rental period? 
Whim has no maximum rental period, but you’ll need more points for a longer rental. You will see the points required for your rental before confirming it. The daily rental fee works out cheaper for a longer rental period (for example 5 days or a weekend) with Whim, too. 

How can I compare the rental prices of different cars? 
You can compare the rental prices by scrolling through the available cars within the Whim app. Click on the car of your choice for more information and a map view of its location. Remember to specify the rental period you require to see current car availability. 

I accidentally booked a rental car. Can I still cancel it
It’s easy to cancel a rental car booking within the app. You can see all your upcoming trips in your ticket view. You can cancel the rental car booking by tapping on the bin icon on the right. 

I tried to rent a car but there are none available or they require too many points. What can I do?
The reason behind limited or no availability could be that most of your nearest Sixt offices are closed at the time you’ve selected. Select a pickup time during office hours to see a bigger selection of cars and offices. If you must pick up your car outside office hours, you're most likely to find availability at the airport office, which is open almost around the clock. If the cars require too many points, try for example a Friday pickup and a Monday return or a longer rental period, such as 5 days. If you wish, you can return the car before the agreed return date. 

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